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Essential Oils for Kids and Family

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Saturday, July 8

12:30 pm


Essential oils can help to balance the body in many ways. They help us to feel better, sleep better and become more aligned. 

This class will help you learn how to use essential oils for all of the groups in your home.

Learn how to use essential oils for babies.

Learn how to use essential oils for kids. 

Learn how you use essential oils for adults. 

How do all of these categories differ in their uses? 

Also learn how to use essential oils around the home for cleaning and care. 


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Chakra Series

8-Week Series

with Angela Trovato

as taught by Yogi Bhajan


July 12 - September 6

No Class August 9

7:15-8:45 pm

$120 series registration, $20 drop in per session

Do you know you have 8 chakras? What are these 8 mysteries and how can they help me?

Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color.  The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the work—known as an Aura—is a scientifically proven fact.  In this series, we will utilize Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to explore the life force energy that flows through the body pathways—the Chakras—in order to maintain health and wellness: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 Each week we will focus on one energy center, and explore its characteristics.  The particular chakra where the majority of your energy is focused influences your basic behavior and attitudes. Together, we will use breath, posture, and meditation to balance and open each Chakra sequentially and understand its influence in our lives.

No experience necessary, all levels welcome!  Wear comfortable loose clothing, choosing natural, light colored fibers if available. 

 Angela Trovato (Pavan Avtar Kaur) is a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Yin and Restorative Yoga

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Sunday, July 16

5:30-7:00 pm

$20 drop in or use your class card

Quiet the mind and body while connecting deeper into the breath with this Restorative Yoga practice.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the body, moving out of the muscular effort. Postures are low to the ground, opening the body by holding for several minutes at a time. 

 A Restorative Yoga practice is the body and mind’s way of resetting. The physical body is placed in positions to allow for a deeper connection to mind and breath, using props and support. This allows the body to rest and breathe deeper and for the mind to find some quiet and peace.

This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners and helps to connect deeper to the body, mind and breath.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Friday, July 14 through
 Sunday, July 16

 Friday 6:00-9:00 pm
Saturday 12:30-6:30 pm
Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm

$300 before July 5  /  $350 after July 5

This training is designed for new and experienced yoga teachers, health professionals and anyone working within a healing profession.
The training will cover through lecture, demonstration, partnered exercises and practice-teaching how to bring Prenatal Yoga to your clients and students.  
This training will teach the participants about the anatomy of a pregnant body throughout the pregnancy process. The participant will learn how to modify a yoga practice throughout trimesters and for specific ailments that may arise during pregnancy.

Learn More HERE

MELT Method

with Tatyana Kochergine

Saturday, July 22

1:00-2:30 pm

$25 Pre-Registration

$30 at the door

Join instructor Tatyana Kochergina for a 90- minute intro MELT workshop. She will teach you a simple self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injuries, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Using MELT hand and foot treatment balls you can learn how to reduce joint pain and muscle tension. Improve flexibility, balance, posture, and core strength as you reduce everyday aches and pains. Just bring some water, and let us provide the rest!

Kundalini Yoga

Introduction to the Chakras

with Angela Trovato

Sunday, July 9

2:00-4:00 pm

$30 pre-registration

$35 at the door

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, focusing on the spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies through breath work, postures, chanting and meditation.

Chakras are centers of consciousness. They are focal points of energy that have a direct, immediate, and profound effect on our daily lives. The particular chakra where the majority of your kundalini energy is primarily focused – or polarized – influences your basic behavior and attitudes.  The eight chakras and their associated characteristics are:

1. Root -safety security andgrounding
2. Sacral-- creativity and empathy
3. Naval --choice, action, vitality, will
4. Heart --compassion and love
5. Throat --communication and expression
6. 3rd Eye -- intuition and perception
7. Crown - acceptance and bliss
8. Aura --protection and projection

Join Angela Trovato for an afternoon of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with to Balance the Chakras and Corresponding Organs through extended explanation, practice and discussion.

Workshops and Events


Yoga on the Hudson River

with Bridget Rawls Peterson


June through August

7:00-8:00 pm

$60 for 4-week series

$20 drop in

Practicing yoga outside can help connect you deeper to the beauty around you! The setting at Emeline Park is beautifully located right on the Hudson River! 

Bring your own mat or use one of ours! 

This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners and helps to connect deeper to the body, mind and breath.

Acro Yoga

with Lana Heintjes

Saturday, July 29

2:00-4:30 pm

$35 pre-registration

​$40 at the door

​AcroYoga is a partner practice with a base, who is lying on their back, and a flyer, who is supported by the base’s hands and/or feet. You will not only have an great time, you will also leave with enough foundational knowledge to take the practice home in a safe and enjoyable manner. This workshop is designed to set a solid foundation that incorporates yoga asana, strength training partner exercises, basic flying, and massage. AcroYoga has a beautiful way of cultivating trust, community, and play! Come as you are, with or without a partner.​

Lana is known for her soothing voice, calm presence and playful spirit.  She has been an active and passionate yoga instructor since 2009, after she took her incredibly powerful 200-hr Yoga to the People teacher training in NYC. She is certified in Vinyasa Yoga, AcroYoga, Restorative Yoga, and Thai YogaBodywork. She teaches Circus Arts and she is a rock climber at the Gunks. Lana is the co-founder of Yoga Mountain Retreats. She has a Bachelors of Science in Music and has over 500 hours of various yoga trainings and 3,000+ hours of teaching experience. She currently resides in the beautiful New Paltz, NY.

Follow Lana on Instagram @acrolana or visit

Essential Oils 101

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Tuesday, July 18

6:30 pm


Have you been interested in adding a more natural approach into your daily life through the use of essential oils?

But you don’t know where to begin?

Begin here!

This class will cover the basics of essential oil uses and help you get started!

We all strive for peace and balance in life and want to move toward a more natural approach to our health and wellness. Essential Oils can help us find balance through natural methods and can be incorporated into multiple aspects of our lives. Essential Oils can help to bring the body toward a more balanced state by assisting our body to heal itself.

Come learn how to use essential oils for everything from cooking and cleaning to a more natural approach to balancing your health. Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life!