Guidance Through Your Journey with Spirit

We all seek to be happy, content, abundant and healthy If we look further than our physical self, we will find Spirit. In Peru, many know Spirit as Wiracocha who is known by a thousand names, the un-namable one. It doesn't matter what religion or belief. We are all luminous beings who come to this life for a physical experience and to journey our way back to Spirit.

We are born as beautiful luminous beings who soon find ourselves influenced by everyday life experiences. These experiences can become heavy energies that can create burdens, obstacles and even illness. However, we can remember the light from which we are born. this light is full of unconditional love and happyiness... happiness where we are and who we are without judgement towards ourselves or others.

Receive guidance through your journey with Spirit... the gift of life is a precious one. Learn to live your life through conscious living.

Discover Your Inner Strength

Rocio will offer you various tools that will help you to connect with Spirit and help you to regain balance in your life with work, family, or personal relationships. Her goal is to be of service and to teach you to empower yourself.

Assistance offered through the following:

  • Private Healing Sessions
  • Workshops for adults and children
  • Shamanic Song
  • Readings
  • Angel Art
  • Rising Star Healing
  • Despacho Ceremonies (group or private)
  • Munay-Ki Rites
  • House Clearing/Blessings
  • Bath salts, sprays and smudging wands

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Rocio La Rosa is spiritual healer who communicates with the angels and Spirit while respecting all traditions, religions and cultures. Working with the Angels and incorporating Shamanic practices, Rocio’s unique work allows her to balance heaven and earth energies providing clarity and insight as well as healing to her clients. Rocio’s spiritual work is deeply guided from her family’s Peruvian lineage where even at the age of five, Rocio was aware of her gifts. Traditions and healing techniques have been passed down through her bloodline and spiritually. Her full Shamanic Initiation did not take place until adulthood after recovering from various illnesses after dismissing her gifts. At the age of 47, she is now teaching others how to use love and light to heal their lives and stay well.

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Shamanic Healing

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