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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of healing to promote stress reduction and relaxation. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through each of us and when that energy is out of balance, we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If our energy is balanced and the life force can flow freely, we are more able to feel happy and healthy. 


Linda Miller is a Reiki Master and has been attuned to healing Reiki energy since 1998. She has a background and certifications in yoga, Holistic Health Counseling, Massage Therapy and is an Advanced Higher Brain Living™ Facilitator. Higher Brain Living® is a program that leads clients through the process of discovering their authentic self through the use of a gentle touch technique. This technique unleashes untapped energy in the body which energizes the higher brain and enhances the process of self discovery. Using all of the tools in her toolbox Linda gently supports her clients through their sessions. Helping people relax, release stress from their lives and work toward living their vibrant potential is what drives Linda’s passion for this work.

What can I expect in a Reiki Session?

Reiki is hands on.  A treatment will feel warm and comforting.  After each session clients will feel more grounded, balanced and peaceful.

Session Price:

1-hour Session


Meet Our Practitioners:

Rebecca Dimmerling is a  Usui Tibetan Reiki Master ,Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and certified graduate of The Academy of Healing Nutrition having completed a Holistic Health Counseling & Longevity Diet Coaching program .
From the time Rebecca was a young girl she  has always had a special interest in natural ways of healing , metaphysics, nutrition and the whole mind – body– spirit connection. For the past 18years she has studied many modalities of holistic ways of healing, energy work, body work, nutrition, essential oils,  crystals and the power of positive thinking .
Her positive attitude along with her compassion and intuition enables her to offer a professional, nurturing, individualized approach to healing and guidance.
Working from the belief that every individual is an expert in their own lives and healing;  Rebecca empowers clients to gently reconnect to their inner guidance and unlock their unique qualities, skills and coping strengths to their full capacity for healing and personal change.
She is excited for the opportunity to work with you and dedicated in helping you become Healthy and Happy