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Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman's body. Changes happen every day and the body alters throughout the 9 month period. 

A woman needs to be guided and assisted through this process in very specific ways. The body needs to be moved and opened, the mind needs to be prepared and the breath needs to be connected to.  Attention and modifications are given within the specific trimesters to energy level, physical body ability and stress and anxiety levels. 

Yoga can help a woman carry the body through pregnancy, prepare for childbirth and teach techniques for post-natal recovery.

This training will help the yoga teacher and health practitioner to better understand the pregnant body and to assist students and clients in how to connect, move and breathe. Through lecture, demonstration, exercises and practice-teaching, the participant will learn the techniques to assist their pregnant students and clients fully. Participants will learn anatomy, breath exercises and modifications to yoga poses. The training will cover how to approach the prenatal student within each trimester and for ability levels from gentle to more advanced. The training will also cover prenatal nutrition and other mindful preparation. 

Upon completion, participants will be able to create, guide, and practice a customized Prenatal Yoga practice for their students and modify their yoga classes for the pregnant student. 

Yoga teachers will receive 15 CEU credit hours to submit to Yoga Alliance.

Dates and Times:


Contact the studio if you are interested to find the next dates.


Pre-Registration:  $300

Cost of training: $350


A Notebook and a  camera (can be your phone)

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Prenatal Yoga Immersion Training
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