Training with Bridget is always an awesome experience. Her knowledge and understanding is on point. After completing training sessions you will leave with a full knowledge, understanding and confidence in yourself. You will also have fun.

– Shelly Blatt

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Restorative Yoga Immersion Training

I took the prenatal immersion training wanting to deepen my understanding of working with pregnant yogis.  The training was casual, fun and informative. Bridget is very knowledgeable which made for a good learning experience. We  covered a lot of ground during the weekend by lecture and demonstration.  By preparing and practicing our own class, it helped to instill what is needed to work with the pregnant woman. I really enjoyed this training which encouraged me to also take the restorative immersion training which I loved. – Valerie O’Connor

Prenatal Yoga Immersion Training

200 -Hour Teacher Training

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Bridget fulfilled my expectations of what a yoga teacher training program should have and so much more. We dove deep into alignment principles, sequencing, meditation and pranayama, adjustments, and the business of yoga. I learned how to create a creative, safe and fun yoga class for people of all levels. Bridget brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the trainees and made me feel inspired and supported throughout training. I would recommend her training program to anyone looking to become a yoga teacher or anyone looking to deepen his or her practice! – Adriana Sobel

The 200-Hour Teacher Training Program allowed me to build upon both my personal practice and my teaching skills to the point that since I finished with my certificate I have so much more than a piece of paper. I have gained wisdom, experience, confidence and a sense of inner calmness in knowing that I have been provided the tools to teach –the materials and skills. Teacher Training with Bridget provided me with a well-balanced program, practical knowledge and experience while being supported by wonderful teachers. I highly recommend this teacher training program! – Jodi Daly

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