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The 200-hour Azaya Yoga Teacher Training program is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to start teaching yoga immediately or to deepen your own practice with a greater understanding of anatomy and breathing, history of yoga and meditation, sequencing and adjusting poses, and how to organize and structure a class from warm-ups through to advanced poses.  Bridget and Pauline share their extensive knowledge and complementary experiences as teachers to foster students' growth in a supportive atmosphere.  For me, it was an experience of a lifetime - not to be missed! 
~ Jane Clarke

"The Azaya teacher training program provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to teach yoga immediately upon completion. Pauline and Bridget are highly skilled and articulate professionals. The training gave me a comprehensive knowledge base which enabled me to  experience the joy of teaching yoga with the confidence that I am offering competent instruction to my students. The experience enriched my life and gave me the tools to share the gift of yoga with others. The journey of teaching is a life enhancing learning experience which is deepening my understanding and practicing of yoga. As with any "practice" the learning never ends. I plan to continue the process by participating in the next level of training at Azaya, learning  from my students and from practicing the art and skill of teaching yoga." 
~ Betsy Benjamin

"The Azaya teacher training program prepared me to run a community yoga program in many ways. The techniques, insights and methods shared by Pauline and Bridget have helped me to understand the role and obligations of becoming a responsible teacher of yoga and I would not be able to do what I am doing without this education. If you are preparing to teach, you can't be without this professional foundation. 
I highly recommend Azaya and plan on continuing in the next level of training. Pauline and Bridget are outstanding teachers who compassionately have created a rich, robust and enlightening program of learning. Bonded by their mutual love of yoga and deep as well as varied expertise, you will be properly prepared to take your seat of intention as a teacher in mind, body and soul!"

~ Dr Nancie Celini

"The Azaya Yoga teacher training program was a wonderful training experience!  Pauline and Bridget create a very supportive and educational environment in which I learned how to help others practice yoga in a safe and mindful way.  Both Pauline and Bridget offer different backgrounds in their yoga experience, which lends to the well-rounded Azaya training program.  Their 200-hour training helped me understand the art of preparing sequences for a class and the importance of acknowledging how the body moves during our yoga practice; additionally, the program prepared me to feel confident in leading students through their practice.  I highly recommend the Azaya teacher training program for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of yoga and intends to share that knowledge with others as an instructor."

~ Stephanie Rohrig

The Azaya Yoga Teacher Training was an amazing journey.  Pauline and Bridget are true professionals who are passionate in what they do.  Their yoga experience and knowledge lends to a training that prepared us with the principles and techniques to teach yoga safely and competently.  I highly recommend the Azaya Yoga Teacher Training to anyone who wishes to deepen their yoga practice or wants to share their passion for yoga as an instructor. 
~ Nancy Barry

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