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What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology is a powerful, natural healing method. HK focuses on environmental stresses, physical and emotional traumas, psychological issues, learning disabilities, allergies and chronic problems. Health Kinesiology enables one to live a more happy and healthy life.

Health Kinesiology 

What results may I expect and when?

The healing process is set in motion with a typical correction. The corrections will be completed in about three weeks in most cases. 

Corrections may take much longer to complete if there is deeper repair needed. The results can be quite powerful and profound and depend upon the specific health challenges of the client. Allergy and intolerrance corrections will allow the client to have reduced sensitivity to the substance. Psychological corrections will enable the client to feel less stress by the topic or situation. 

Meet Rochel:

Rochel Leah Curland is a certified Health Kinesiologist. She trained under Madeline Dabrowski, one of the main students of the founder of Health Kinesiology, Dr. Jimmy Scott. As the daughter of a chiropractor and doctor of natural health, Rochel has seen the body's ability to heal itself and to maintain health through the proper assistance. She brings her passion for healing into her practice and is amazed at the continual observance of health changes that take place in the children and adults she sees in this profound healing modality.

What issues does HK address?

HK effectively works with many health challenges: allergies (to foods, grasses and medications), pain, blockages of nutrient absorption, physical traumas, environmental stresses, ADD/ADHD, addictions, tissue damages, and fears. The physical and emotional health issues that HK can help are almost without limit!

To book a session, 
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How does HK improve health?

HK is a powerful compliment to traditional medical care as well as other natural therapies. 

Dr. Jimmy Scott, through his practice and research, developed two key basic concepts of Health Kinesiology:

1. Every person has memory of each event intheir life experience contained in the cells of their body. 

2. The HK treatments release negative cellular memories allowing the client to gain greater health.

Session Prices:

1st Session (1.5 hours)


Follow up Session (1.0 hour)


What happens during a typical HK Session?

The client lies comfortably and fully clothed on a treatment table with shoes and jewelry removed. The HK practitioner follows the protocol developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott to determine the imbalances in the person. Specific corrections are applied for that person's unique body and experiences. A client may be asked to repeat words or phrases, remember particular events, hold itemss or look at specific images while the corrections are being made. 

Can 100% healing be achieved?

Sometimes healing can be 100% complete. A client with major physical tissue or organ damage or with serious emotional trauma may not be able to overcome all the damage. The corrections will always help the damaged cells repair themselves was much as possible and will allow the helalthy cells to continue to function at the best possible level.