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Essential Oils and Accessories Available for Purchase in Studio!

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Essential Oils 

Essential Oils Natural Solutions:

Where to Start

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Saturday, June 23

1230 pm


You want a more natural approach to your lifestyle...

You want to feel good about your body, your home and your life.
Essential Oils can be used for cooking, cleaning, emotional support and a more natural approach to healthcare.
But where do you get started?
Come to this FREE class to learn some basic oils to implement into your every day.

Get started using this natural approach and feel better!
Bridget Rawls Peterson will guide you and help you find the best natural solutions for you!

Essential Oils for Emotional Support

with Bridget Rawls Peterson

Sunday, May 20

1:30 pm


Managing emotions is a top priority for many people's health. Our emotions impact the way we interact with others, perform our jobs and responsibilities, and even the way we interact with food.
Our lymbic system can help to control and manage our emotions and bring us into a more balanced state. Essential oils impact the lymbic system and help us to regulate mood. We can then find more balance and peace in life and live our days more present and mindful.
This class will educate on how the lymbic system works and what essential oils can be used to help regulate. 

We believe part of a wellness lifestyle includes ways to manage the body and find balance through natural approaches.

We host weekly classes and provide education about the use of essential oils for your wellness. We also provide one-on-one assessments and consults to help you find what essential oils you need and how to implement them into your life through many uses. 

Come to a class or book a session today and find out how to get started!