Monday, July 31


August 1st marks a big milestone for the sun. It is the point exactly halfway between the Summer and Winter Solstice. These two Solstice mark the longest and shortest days of the year. Our energy is directly related to the positioning of the sun, which is our main energy source. Imagine if we had no electricity in our homes and buildings. We would rely solely on the sun for its light and heat. That energy we still feel within our modern world. 

So with August 1st marking this halfway point, it is about Balance this week. I think this is what we are all searching for in life. I say to my students all the time that life is about finding the balance between the Yin and Yang energy, the heated and cooling, the energized and calm. Our yoga practice helps to balance us and help us find peace. That is the reason we leave a yoga practice so much more relaxed; even if it was a strenuous class. We have allowed the body and mind to find a focus and ease that has taken down our heightened daily energy and move toward a middle path energy. 

Here's a little activity for you...

Take a comfortable seat. close your eyes and notice your breath. Don't try to judge it or change it. Just notice it. Notice where you feel the breath. Is it in the chest, the belly, the ribs? Notice the inhale and the exhale. What is longer? Again, don't judge or change. Just notice. Now start to actively even out the breath. Try to find an evenness of the inhale and the exhale. You can do this by counting or just watching the breath. See if you can let the breath fill the torso completely, beginning in the belly, moving into the ribs and then up into the chest. Then exhale from the chest, down the ribs and out the belly. Take 20 breaths like this. Then release the technique and take 10 "normal" breaths, feeling how the breath has changed from this exercise. 

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